Are you ready to turn your Hobby into a business?
Learn the skills,
strategies and tools you need to build a Creative Day Job.

Can you imagine how it would feel to be confident in growing your business? Imagine how your life would be different if you could just get some help with some of the technology and overwhelm in running an
online business.


The Creative Day Job
Inner Circle

A course with membership that helps you navigate the technology and overwhelm so you can earn income from your craft.

What makes the
Creative Day Job Inner Circle different?

I teach the tech + the strategy and help you along your journey.

You’ll learn how to confidently move forward (or pivot) in your business, while keeping up with the ever changing platforms and technology of the online marketplace.

Here’s what you get with the Creative Day Job Inner Circle

Instant Access to the Creative Day Job Success Path Modules

The Success Path is laid out like a course. 

You will find 5 pillars with
multiple modules inside each Pillar. 

The main Pillars inside the Success Path are as follows:

Starting your Business
Building your Brand
Building Your Audience
Adding Revenue Streams
Scaling Your Business

Monthly Social Media Playbook

Use this to help you create engaging social media posts for your Facebook and Instagrams Accounts. You will find ideas for each day of the week. Relevant and timely prompts to get you scheduling your post in no time.

On Topic Training

Each month, you receive training resources that dive deeper into the
Success Path pillars. These resources  provide insight and behind the scenes information so you can see how particular systems work and
how you can use these systems in your own businesses.


Share your joys and concerns, struggles and wins in our Facebook
Group! Get quick feedback from fellow members and forge new friendships with like minded people like you! This group is only for members in good standing.

Get Help - Quicker

Inner Circle Members use VOXER!  Send me instant messages, voice recordings or files and get help with your questions, quicker!

Industry Trends and Changes

Monthly reviews, reminders and announcements of what is happening now. Let’s face it - systems are constantly changing and it’s not easy to keep up with everything. Each month, I record, review and share these changes and provide tangible tips and info to help navigate what’s happening now.

Special Guest Speakers

Industry experts share their tips and experience about on-topic subjects.  Learn from the very best to help you move forward in your own business!

Private Consultations

Book hourly consultations and enjoy 50% off my regular rates!  

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Monthly Membership

Automatically renewed 

Doors only open for a short time!  Join today and start moving forward in your business!

This is not a “get rich quick” program or a money making scheme.

Owning your own Creative Business is hard work and will take time to realize your full potential. This membership offers tools and training to help you along your journey.

We love our members and want you to be happy and fully satisfied.
We’ve always backed our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works.
If you choose to cancel your membership, your access to the website will expire or cancel at your next renewal date. Please note that all training, resources, membership access and worksheets are only available to paid members who are in good standing.

About Myself

I cannot wait to meet you inside the Creative Day Job Inner Circle!

My name is Nicole and just 6 years ago, I was struggling to make money online with my craft (sewing and quilting). I was signing up for local craft shows and trying my best on Etsy, but never really making an impact for my bottom line. I decided to get serious with my Creative Business and invested time and money to learn all that I could about creating multiple lines of revenue online. I learned how to start a blog,
grow my social media accounts, YouTube following and email list. I learned how to use software and other tools to help me with my own business and I want to share what I learned (and continue to learn) with you!

The Creative Day Job Inner Circle
is PERFECT for you if:

Just Started

You just started selling online and find it confusing and frustrating.

Scale up Growth

You’ve been selling your handmade goodies online, but need to grow

Technical Assistance

You find all the different software options confusing and need help
navigating the overwhelm

Interact with like-minded People

Need a community of like-minded creatives, who GET what you are talking about and WANT to help you achieve your goals.

If you’ve read this far,
you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these

What if just one idea in the Creative Day Job Inner Circle....

Helps turn your business into a profit and purpose-generating
machine that gives you and your family financial freedom for life?

What if just one strategy in the Creative Day Job Inner Circle....

Helps you reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of

What if just one technique in the Creative Day Job Inner Circle....

Helps you free up 4-7 more productive hours per week? What
impact will that have on your relationships, your profits, your job?

Top FAQ’s

I’m a total newbie and don’t have a business yet - will the Creative Day
Job Inner Circle work for me?

The Creative Day Job is for people in all stages of their Creative Day Job Journey.

I already have a business and need more advanced help. Do I need to
work through all the Success Path modules (like from the very

You can pick and choose which modules and lessons to review!

My business is really unique. How can I be sure that the Creative Day
Job Inner Circle will work for my business?

You may be surprised on how similar your business is to other Creative Entrepreneurs!  We all rely on sales and marketing to help move our business forward!  

Do I need to do things at certain times or can I access the material
anytime I want.

As long as you are a member, in good standing, you can access the Creative Day Job website (and all the resources).

I know that if I commit fully and apply what I learn, I’ll get tremendous
value. That said, how much time do I need to set aside each week?

As with anything, you only gain what you contribute.  On the average, you only need one hour to digest the weekly content.  Depending upon your own journey, you may want to take more time to put a lesson or technique into action.  

Get started now!
Choose the plan that works for you

The doors will close soon!  Join now and start moving forward in your own Creative Day Job!

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Monthly Membership

Automatically renewed 

Doors only open for a short time!  Join today and start moving forward in your business!