You've been saving those shirts for YEARS...
Let's make them into a Memory Quilt!

9 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Create your own Memory Quilt!

Learn all the steps to take to master everything in just hours!

Module 1

Gather Your Garments
Learn about what types of materials you can use to create your own Memory Quilt

Module 2

Choose your Design Layout  
In this module, we explore the various design and quilt layout options!  
There are over 30 PDF patterns!

Module 3

Tools and Supplies
This module will cover the necessary tools and supplies to create your own Memory Quilt.  

Module 4

Cut & Prep Materials
Learn multiple ways to make the most of the garments you've chosen.

Module 5

Assemble the Quilt Top
In this module, we will create rows of blocks.  You will learn all about sashing and borders as well.

Module 6

Make Your Backing
Learn to make the correct sized backing for your Memory Quilt.

Module 7

Choose a Batting
Learn the difference between Cotton and Polyester.  Make the informed decision to choose the correct batting for your Memory Quilt.

Module 8

Quilt your Quilt
Will you be quilting your own quilt?  If so - we will learn how to spray baste and pin baste your quilt.  
There is even a Bonus Video that demonstrates an entire quilt being quilted!

Module 9

Binding your Quilt
We are at the home stretch!
Binding the quilt is the final step and we cover it all!  Machine and Hand binding!  Let's do this!

About Your Teacher

Nicole Moore

I have been making Memory Quilts for YEARS!
I'm so excited to share my knowledge with you in this comprehensive course!  
Learn all my tips and tricks so you can make your very own Memory Quilt too!

Want to get started?
This course is open now!

This course includes

Hours of instructional videos
PDF resources to help you along your way
Quilting Basics Explained in plain terms
Lessons to help you design your own layout

BONUS: Plus These Benefits

As a special bonus, I have included the following.... 

Full length video of an entire quilt being quilted.
Over 30 diagrams with cutting instructions to help you design your own quilt. 

We have a Facebook Group to help you finish!

Your Questions Answered

How long does it take to make one of these quilts?

This course gives you access to over 30 design possibilities as well as information on how to create your own unique designs. 

The more elaborate your design, the longer your quilt may take to complete.

To be on the safe side, I'd give yourself a few weeks.

I'm not a Quilting expert. Will I be able to do this?

Making a memory quilt is perfect for beginners!

This course will explain the basics of quilting and help you better understand concepts like seam allowance, cutting fabric, fusing interfacing, sashing, borders, and backing.  

How many T-shirts do I need?

If you plan to do a grid style T-shirt quilt then I would recommend to have at least twelve T-shirts. 

If you have a plethora of garments (in random sizes) that you'd like to use, then I would recommend a mosaic quilt design. 

I explain and demonstrate both types of designs in this course.

I don't have a fancy sewing machine.

You don't need any of those fancy stitches in order to make a memory quilt.  All you need is a sewing machine that works and does a straight stitch. 

Do I need to buy a bunch of tools and supplies to make a Memory Quilt?

You don't need special tools or equipment to make a memory quilt. You only need basic quilting supplies and you will be well on your way!

How long will I have access to this course?

You have lifetime access to this course.  The entire course is available once you make your purchase. You can go through each module as quickly or slowly as you need! There is no deadline. Take your time and enjoy making a memory quilt.

This course is exactly what you need to help you make a T-shirt Quilt!

Join today and start learning!

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